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Track Name: Filthy Habit
I can hear your breathless love in a humbling reverie
Just tell me what you want
And I have heard the rhythm of your heartbeat softly calling me
You can't let this go on
And everything you are and everything I am
Is wrapped together with strings and teeth
And not that I can breath and now that I can sleep your making me so week
Falling through the deep deep love in a hole
When you going to be back with my soul
When you going to change me
When you going to change me
When can you tell me
That I'm a rightfull

Every drop of heat that slips from your cold dark entity
You're taking me too far
I wipe away the dirt that lays on your blood stained identity
Just tell what you are
And everything I want and all that I desire is bathed in sage and burned on fire
And I can see control and I can taste power
It's making me so week crawling through the deep damp tear in the earth
I'm waiting for the cryptic fate of our birth
I'm held up in serene
I’m dancing in between
I'm dancing in between
And I will be the nightfall

I can be the breath of the wind when the water starts pouring in
Will you take me inside
You can see me so sweet changing calling for a reckoning
When you give me life
And everything you do and everything you say
I'm wrapped together with vines and clay
I'm waiting underneath
Your towering over me
While I lie sleeping digging your deep ditch down till you know
Tunnel through your heart till you get to my soul
I can feel the changing life returning maybe
Back into your arms now that I’m alright